Here are a few quick things to know about a premium pure Rosehip Seed Oil like Mindbreaker:

1. A pure Rosehip Oil is rich and intensely moisturizing.

This is nature's night rejuvenator! Massage a few drops onto your clean skin at night to allow your skin to fully soak in all the nutrients for a soft, supple skin morning!

2. It has an herbal, earthy, almost nutty scent.

Drop for drop, Rosehip Seed Oil is one of the most potent nutrient oils! It's pure beauty from the earth.

3. The best benefits must come from a pure cold-pressed Rosehip Seed.

Like Leven Rose Rosehip Oil, to maintain all of nature's benefits for skin rejuvenation, you'll need your Rosehip Oil to come from small batches, cold-pressed so that head does not impact any naturally-occurring benefits, and kept in an amber glass bottle to preserve the oil without any added preservatives.

4. Look for a reddish, brown amber color in your dropper.

A premium glass dropper will allow you to see a light amber hue (see as pictured). If transferred in bulk in a larger container, the reddish hue of the oil will be more visible. A premium oil like Mindbreaker will have a nutty scent and amber appearance.

5. Use as your Night Recovery Healer!

Allow your skin the benefit from intense moisturization and healing by putting Rosehip Oil on as the first layer of overnight recovery defense. Rich in moisture, and heavier in texture, you can add a few drops to a lighter oil such as our Jojoba Oil or Argan Oil to get additional benefits in the morning with faster absorption.


•Rosehip Oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 - which are powerful essential fatty acids for younger skin!
•It treats irritation and inflammation - like scrapes, acne scars, acne, sunburns, and old scars!
•It's an astringent - so it will plump and hydrate aging skin while balancing oil production!
•It heals dark spots - so it will leave you with a smoother, more even complexion by morning!