About Us

The Mindbreakers story is a story about a company being fed up with diluted, low potency and poor quality essential oils. Poor quality is simply, not an option for for us. The history and benefits of natural essential oils goes back thousands of years from the beginning of civilizations. Along the way to modernization, essential oils became a casualty of rapid, ‘by any means necessary’ high-speed production. As a result, the market has begun flooded with low potency, non-organic, diluted essential oils, this is not OK for us. 

Mindbreakers is a brand committed to producing the highest quality essential oils possible. Our mission is to guarantee to continuously serve our customers the best possible product. Our essential oils will be used for your skin, hair and face, we want to make sure that all our products are 100% organic, pure, unfiltered and cold pressed for maximum possible benefit to our customers.

The MindBreakers process to source our products is a painstakingly, difficult and rigorous one. From finding the right farmers, selecting the right factories to most importantly finding the right people, everything is taken into account. Our focus is finding producers who agree with what we believe in, never sacrificing quality and producing 100% organic, high quality essential oils. Our process is difficult, but the look on our customer’s faces when they reap the benefits of our essential oils is priceless.

Mindbreakers guarantees each and every one of our customers that no corner was cut in our process, no quality was sacrificed and every single one of our essential oils 100% organic, unfiltered, cold pressed and completely pure of any impurities.