100% Organic Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint Oil

100% Pure, Organic, and Undiluted. No fillers or additive

Good for You Benefits:

Peppermint oil is excellent in aiding in digestion as it has carminative properties of expelling gas (from the stomach or intestines so as to relieve flatulence or abdominal pain or distension). Menthol in peppermint oil provides effective relief from many respiratory problems decongestant issues including nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and the common cold and cough.


  • 100% Pure-Certified Organic Peppermint Oil Cold Pressed & Unrefined
  • Therapeutic Grade
  • UK/USA Certified Organic
     Skin Type All Babes Smell Natural Fresh
    How Often Once a Day How Much 1-2 Drops


    How To Use:

    Peppermint oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers/buds of Mindbreaker, also known as brandy mint and balm mint. Mindbreaker has a sharp, menthol smell and contains Menthol and Menthone, which gives the oil such a minty and pungent scent.

    Facial Massage
    Diluted and mixed 1 drop of peppermint essential oil + 1 drop of lavender essential oil + 5CC(ml) base oil, then massage the temples and forehead to relieve headaches.
    Diluted and mixed 1 drop of peppermint essential oil + 2 drops of rosemary essential oil + 5CC(ml) base oil to make a facial massage, it can regulate unclean, blocked skin.

    Remove odor
    You can drop the peppermint essential oil on the sponge to dissolve the unpleasant smell or fishy smell, such as in the car, room, refrigerator etc.

    Unique Scent
    Peppermint essential oil blends well with these other essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, marjoram oil, lemon oil or rosemary oil. Do not use the same essential oil for more than 3 weeks.

    Dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut/almond oil and enjoy a therapeutic massage. Do not use this oil on the skin directly, it must be diluted with base oil before use. Note: As peppermint essential oil has the effect of cooling, it is not suitable for body massage in winter, otherwise it is easy to catch cold.

    Add a few drops of peppermint oil into your favorite diffuser when at home or at work. Peppermint essential oil provides a wonderful cooling sensation to stimulate the mind and improve concentration. Do not use peppermint essential oil at night, otherwise it may cause insomnia.

    Mindbreaker peppermint essential oil takes nutrients from the natural peppermint. As a 100% pure steam distilled essential oil, this peppermint oil can be used in different ways. You can massage this peppermint oil with base oil into your skin and hair, add a few drops of peppermint oil into the essential oil diffuser or simply inhale peppermint oil directly from the bottle.

    Safety Warning

    It should not be in contact with the eyes.

    Must be diluted, otherwise you may catch a chill.

    Lactating women and women under the age of 18 do not use essential oils.

    Please take a skin test before use. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use.

      Your essential oils cost less than other brands, how can you offer such affordable essential oil?

      Mindbreaker's is able to offer essential oils at an affordable price because of of our good relationships with our farmers. They deliver us raw plants and we then cold-press them ourselves at our harvesting center; because of this we are able to reduce our costs by eliminating middle men and maintaining excellent quality. The question shouldn’t be why are our prices so low, but rather, why do our competitors price their products so high?

      Are Mindbreaker's oils watered down or diluted in any way?

      All our essential oils are pure blends, that means every essential oil on our site contains 1 ingredient. We don't water down any of our essential oils in any way.

      Are Mindbreaker's essential oils pure or do they have anything added to them?

      All our essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade, this is the highest standard of grading certified for essential oils by the USDA. They are 100% pure essential oils. Essential oils vary from season to season to potency, but we don't add anything to them ever. 

      What are Mindbreaker's criteria for testing essential oils?

      We regular test our crops and seeds before and after every harvest. We also have our in-house team of scientists and lab technicians do tests to see if there any abnormalities with the crop for the season. We also have regular yearly visits from all our certification freidns from the GMP, ISO 9000, KOSHER certification board and FDA certification board

      Are your oils natural?

      Mindbreaker's cuts no corners when it comes to the quality of our oils. ALL of our products are 100% organic, pure and natural. Our oils are cold pressed at our own facilities from the raw crops our farmers bring us. There are never any additives or fillers added. 

      Are Mindbreaker Oils GMO, Cruelty, and Pesticide Free?

      Yes, because we grow and harvest our crops in house, we have complete control over our essential oils. We use GMO free seeds, we do not test on animals, nor do we add pesticides to any of our crops. 



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